ADHESION PayPal Anglais

You opted to pay your membership via Paypal . This type of payment is really interesting for foreigners, fees being non-existent for them (and around €1.50 for us).

Don't worry : you will find your membership costs €34 but in the end, you'll pay €1 for shipping, so €35, like all the other members. (£30.50)

How to do it? 

Please click on "Adhésion" ("Membership") at the bottom of the page. 

Then just select one of the two options :

Choose your option carefully. 

By clicking, you put this item in the shopping cart. This can be noted in the basket menu line ( 1 ) .

Please valid by clicking on "panier" ("basket") always on the top line, on the right.

Now you are at the invoice page, which you are required to fill out in full (but if you have already purchased from "la Boutique" , it fills in by itself!)

Even the webmaster had to fill out the form completely to do the tutorial !

Clicking on "Continuer"

You need to avoid paying shipping, so you must click on "retrait en magasin" ("collect in store")

Don't worry about the amount, this will be altered at the next page.

Clicking on "Continuer"

We finally come to the payment options, of course choose Paypal !

The amount is €35, shipping not having to be paid (unless you want to make a donation to Cercle du Zéro)

Clicking on "Continuer"

Otherwise you accept ( green arrow ) then you valid.... ("Finaliser la commande")

Then you get in your Paypal account , it is no longer the responsibility of Cercle du Zéro !

Thank you for using Paypal, and for joining or renewing...

Thank you for using Paypal, and for joining or renewing...