The association links Gauge O Modellers together members from all over France, Europe (and even worldwide ! ). We are divided into regional areas, each region has a great autonomy in its organization.

CDZ organizes events and shows, and often attends others (NOT this this year ! ). We have our own member's shop where we have special offers to our members, or we have items especially manufactured for us, sometimes models. From time to time, some members have created dedicated models to our members only. 

Please comme and see some great achievements on our forum and more precisely here. We also have a models gallery here.

Our website allows you to know CDZ much better, what we issue and our means of communication our services. You can also join online.

Join now  ! In these pages you will find some information, please, have look at the menu at the top then its sub-menus. Have no hesitation for contacting and joining us. You can find us on FACEBOOK too