Le Cercle du Zéro

Nationwide (and wider ! ) Association for Practice, Development and Sharing Skills in model railways in Gauge 0 (Gauge 0 refers to Scale : 1/43.5 1/48 1/45)

The association brings together members from all over France, Europe (and even worldwide ! ), divided into regional areas, each region has a great autonomy in its organization. 

CDZ organizes events and shows, and actively participates in many others (except this year ! ). It has created a shop for grouped purchases intended for its members, and has especially manufactured parts, or even models. CDZ also offers unique models, studied voluntarily by members. 

You can see some great achievements on our forum and in especially here. We are building a models gallery here. 

On this website, some elements to know CDZ better, what we produce and our publications or our services. You can also join online

We have created pages to explain our building methods, or practice of our passion. 

In these pages you will find some information, please, have look at the menu at the top and its sub-menus. Have no hesitation for contacting and join us. Find us on FACEBOOK

CDZ is a member of MOROP.

We are of course affiliated with the French Federation.

Nous sommes jumelés aux fédérations voisines :
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